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If you are a dedicated fly fisher who enjoys traveling to top fishing destinations in the U.S. and abroad, consider joining Team Boyd. Tom and Jeff are professional fly fishermen, outdoor writers, consultants and instructors. We study fish behavior and often participate in research projects from tagging programs to genetic DNA research and other conservation activities from banning gill nets to studying threatened or endangered species.

We are proud to have helped our fisheries in many ways over the years and are looking for like-minded fishermen. We have a great deal of fun and often get special consideration from lodges because of the positive things we do. Aside from the research, we write articles, books, and gather materials for presentations. Sometimes we are afforded the opportunity to explore remote areas or fish for rare species.

If you are interested in joining us and sharing in some of our visits to top fresh and salt water destinations, contact Tom at and refer to TEAM BOYD.

Examples of destinations recently fished include Mongolia, Alaska, Labrador, Cuba, Costa Rica, British Columbia, Patagonia, etc.