Fly Shop Mongolia

Team Boyd visited incredible Mongolia for 19 days through Triple, Jim Newman and Travel Nomad. We fished with Fly Shop Mongolia who were fabulous. We chose an amazingly diverse approach and opted to travel for over 1200 miles across the steppes. We fished for rare tamien, lenok, and golden-tailed grayling - all members of the trout/salmon family. Most of our travels were amazing where no roads existed or few had ever traveled. We were on the Siberian border and given an armed guard with an AK 47 to protect us. We were fortunate to be among the few who had ever fished the protected Tengis-Shishged National Park. This Protected Area is remote, pristine, and extremely difficult to access, but has the best tamien fishing anywhere.

Team Boyd (Tom, Jeff, Julia and KK Boyd and Mike Marshall) fish and conduct research in some of the world's greatest fisheries. Our Mongolia trip exceeded all expectations and incorporated fascinating adventure with cultural, historic, scenic and unparalleled fishing.

We are planning to return in 2019 and explore new areas and challenges and conduct basic research in hopes of protecting the endangered tamien. If you are interested in joining Team Boyd in 2019, contact Tom Boyd at Other than fishing, we will be doing research, writing articles and books, gathering photos and videos for various media outlets. Hopefully the following posted photos will give you a window into the Mongolian culture, beautiful views, nomads, and fishing. All of our guides from Travel Nomad and Flyshop Mongolia were absolutely wonderful.

View photos from the trip by clicking here.

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