New Book: Trout Salmon and Char

My son Jeff and I are having our new book published by Wild River Press and the graphic designer TLC Unlimited. It will be available before Christmas 2018.For pre-orders of autographed copies,send $29.95 + $4.00 S & H made out to Tom Boyd and send to 5215 Cornerstone Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80528. The Trout Salmon and Char book will also be available at all of the Fly Fishing Shows beginning in January in Denver. I will be at all the shows and Jeff at some of them and available in the Authors' Booth. My Saltwater's Greatest Gamefish is also available at the shows. The new book on salmonids is a compilation of half a lifetime of research into trout, salmon and char behavior and fishing the world's greatest destinations to catch them. Many of our revelations are truly stunning and will change your understanding of these great species.

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